Up all night

Little-red-scarf I awoke this afternoon after working an overnight flight and was raring to knit (and eat candy for breakfast).  Odd that.  Maybe because I canknit from the comfort of my hotel bed (shoutout to the uber comfy beds at the Doubletree).  I am quite lazy after an allnighter, which is why I hate them.

OK, what was I raring to knit?  A scarf?!  In the heat of summer?  Yes indeed.  I wanted to knit a scarf for Norma's fave OFA Red Scarf Foundation Project.  I would walk across hot lava for Norma, so scarf knitting is really a small thing to ask.  I found the perfect red yarn in my increasingly favorite Malabrigo Worsted yarn with the colorway Sealing Wax.  I love this yarn and if it's soft enough for me, it should be good for a college kid with something going on.

The pattern I wanted to knit eluded me.  I trolled Rav and found many inspirational scarves.  I also found scarf "patterns" for sale for $5 and $6 that seemed to be directly "imported" from one of the Barbara Walker Stitch Treasuries.  Right.  Well luckily I own all the Barbara Walkers and have enough sense to dream up a scarf pattern all on my own.  I'll use my $5 to buy a latte and a cookie.

I finally decided to knit up a big old cable.  I hadn't liked my swatches that were reversible, so I hope my recipient likes cables too.  Plus the back side of a cable is still nice enough looking that strangers wouldn't stop and point.  The Lancet Cable is a 46 row repeat that is 28 stitches across.  I added a couple of extra stitches at the sides and chose a Chain Garter Selvedge from M. Stanley's Knitter's Handbook and just started knitting.  I'm planning on knitting until I run out of yarn, so I hope 420 yards of worsted weight will be enough.  That sounds like enough right?


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  1. Actually, in my mind, a 46 row repeat is akin to walking on hot lava. So you’re doing just as you say! I LOVE YOU! And boy, is that going to be GORGEOUS.

  2. Isn’t it amazing how many people come up with “patterns” that are taken straight from those books? Who do they think they’re kidding?
    Love the pattern, the yarn and that Norma.

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