I love fog


Perhaps if the sun comes out later today I can get some pics of my Anhinga work in progress.  It's a dark gray/black Malabrigo, so sun will be key to actually seeing anything even remotely interesting.

In lieu of sun, I shall shine the light on my new fave Phildar mag, Autumn no. 21.  I've not like the past few Phildars enough to order them.  They have to meet a higher standard because of the high overseas shipping costs.  This Autumn mag had me breaking out the google machine and ordering away.

I've pulled out a few of my faves, that with enough time and will I hope to make.  Well, I hope to make at least one.

Here's hoping for a bit of sunshine.


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  1. Sil, I love the fog too; it’s one of the reasons I live here. I like the cabled braid sweater the best, that would look like a million bucks on you!

  2. I love the cabled braid sweater too. That is awesome. Have to decide if it’s worth it to order that book, because it’s a great sweater. You’ll have to let me know what you turned up as sources to order. It might make the budget.

  3. OMG, these pics took my breath away. I’ve been poring over the new Fall mag’s (Vogue, IK, etc.) but I absolutely love the clean modern European lines of these designs you posted. Love. Which one will you do?

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