Project time (homage to Flight of the Conchords)


When I work, I usually don't have time or energy to knit.  I worked seven out of the last eight days so I'll show off what I'm working on when I'm not working.  You follow?   Walk this way…

Firstly I've stared Cassie's Norn Socks.   They look nice in solid colors and I only had this navy tweed on hand.  I don't think it's the best yarn for this sock, but I like it well enough and I'm sure I'll make more of these with some yummy yarn I pick up somewhere.  I LOVE this sock pattern!

I've also progressed nicely on my OFA Little Red Scarf.  This is a Malabrigo Worsted yarn and the cable is Lancet Braid from Barbara Walker's Third Treasury.  It's a long chart repeat, but I love those long ones and it's pretty easy to keep track of where you are with a post it.  Heaven forbid I lose my post it though.

The last knitting example is the start of my first sleeve of Anhinga. What can you say about a sleeve that would be interesting.  Not much.  The sweater is great so far (it's got a triangular insert in the center front) so I'm hoping to finish it very soon, even though it's over 90 degrees today.

Another reason to hurry is that I ordered the yarn for the Phildar Cable Braid sweater (aka 021 – #2A).  I'd thought I could sub a yarn for the Phildar yarn, but after reading the pattern I discovered that the body of the sweater is a DK weight and the braided part is chunky weight.  The thought of finding two different weight yarns in the same color made my head spin, so I ordered the Phildar Partner 6 and 3.5.  I can't wait for it to get here.  I've got lots of time off at the end of the month and the crafty urges are busting to get out.