Phildar-sky and such

Brume I got my hands on my Phildar yarn.  It was waiting for me when I got home today.  Yay!

There are two weights of Phildar Partner (6 and 3.5), chunky and dk respectively for me to make my lovely Cable Front sweater from the new Fall/Winter Phildar magazine.  The colorway is called "Brume" so I used my handy translation iPhone app and found out that means "mist".  It's more of a taupe to my eye though, but I'm not sure what color mist is in France.  Perhaps my San Francisco fog is whiter than French brume.  I will look into that when next I go to Paris.

Anyhoo, next up is swatching and finishing up the last sleeve of Anhinga.  Unfortunately I'm dead tired, so a nap is in order first.