Not so much with the doing

Jacket-pieces I’ve had a few days off work and I always think I’m going to do more than I actually do.  When I make those mental lists while at work I think I’ll have time to clean out the closet, wax the car, wax myself and sew and knit a whole new wardrobe.  So far I’ve slept, got a filling from my wonderful dentist (no sarcasm there, he is wonderful), laundered uniforms…um…well you get the point.

I have been crafting, but not the sort of crafting that makes for interesting photos or reading.  I’m still working on my second Anhinga sleeve and I cut out the cutest jacket in the world.

What is this “cutest jacket in the world” you ask?  It’s McCalls 5815 that I saw first on EricaB’s inspirational sewing blog.  Erica has great taste and lives about 1800 miles away, so I’m not really super duper copying her.  I’m using a wool tweed in pink and gray from the stash that I actually remember buying at Stonemountain and Daughter.  Not too recently, but I do remember that purchase.  As Erica says, this jacket is a Nanette Lepore knockoff and hers turned out seriously adorable.  I can’t afford Ms. Lepore, but I can afford to make this jacket.  I just hope I remember how to make a jacket, it’s been awhile.  So far I’ve done the cutting, fusing and am now marking.  Oh prep work, how I love you…

Tomorrow I work (just one day) and will sadly miss my 49ers (yay for football being back!), so Sunday starts crafting in earnest.  Crafting and football, two of my fave things.


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