It’s a bird


Guess who finished something?  Indeed it was me.  I finished my version of Anhinga (rav link) from Berroco: Norah Gaughan Vol. 5.  I subbed the yarn for some Malabrigo Worsted in a dark charcoal color.  I didn’t make any mods to the pattern or have to recalculate gauge.  A very well behaved project.

The sweater has a unique construction technique whereby you pick up and knit the center draped panel, but the rest of the sweater is pretty much business as usual.  The front seams are “wrong” side out which I think is kind of fun and makes the panel drape correctly.  I love the Malabrigo mostly solid with this pattern, it super soft and the subtle variegation is an interesting effect.  I think I’ll get some real wear out of this particular sweater.  Onece it gets cold that is.

Hope everyone’s having a good Monday!


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  1. That’s very nice. So beautifully knitted and finished.
    The big pic also revealed what pretty eyes you have. :0)
    lucky you’re so nice …

  2. Honestly when I saw the picture for it, it didn’t move me at all. Seeing your finished photo makes me like it a lot more. The sweater looks great on you!

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