Is that thermometer right?

Cc-back Dudes, it’s seriously hot around these parts.  It’s currently 100 degrees and it’s cooler than yesterday.  Where is my fog?  How about a single damn cloud?  Awol.  Our hot days are few and far between in my part of the world, so no AC.  Just knitting talk to soothe that fevered brow.

I started the back of Phildar Pull 021-T9-14 aka Cable Cross Pullover.  I’ve actally done more than what is shown in that uber crappy picture, but my first attempt was pulled out rather far along.  I thought my gauge was pretty darn close, but when knitting something larger than a 10×10 cm square it turned out to be a tad bigger.  I was getting a size larger than anticipated or wanted.  Ripped and knit one size down to get the size I wanted.  That seems to be working.  It’s odd, I’m a loose knitter but am using one size up needle than the one called for.  Gauge is really close and my resulting fabric is nice.  Oh well, it’ll be fine.  Phildar schematics are good and I’ll be able to make a human fitting garment.  At least my sweaty brain thinks so.


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  1. It’s been so awful!! Considered a trip to Tahoe, but too much press up there at this time (Jaycee). Working on the Positano Tote from IWKnits. LOVE the herringbone pattern that is emerging!

  2. Hotter and humid here on Saturday. This summer needs to end.
    There’s no telling what kind of knitter designed that sweater, Sil. Could have been a crazy knitter. That would explain the needle size issue.

  3. Hi silvia!
    Your Anhinga looks great!
    I hope you and your family have no problems with the huge fires in California. I have just heard about them during the TV news. They seem to be as horrible as the one they had in Australia!

  4. We have A/C in this pile and indulged over the weekend. It was hot enough that it felt vaguely like Texas on a nice day. Weird for here, though. Hard to knit with sweaty hands.
    So, you’re making my favorite of those sweaters! I can’t wait to see the finished model photos. Except for the gauge thang is the pattern going pretty smoothly?

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