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Do what I say or I'll hurt the rose.

Do what I say or I'll hurt the rose.

 Thanks for coming over from the Tpad blog y’all!  FYI, you can move everything over in about 10 minutes EXCEPT the photos.  That I’ll have to manually (is that right all you previous movers?).  Also, the comments have you reply to the blog, not a private email addy, so if you just want that feature, keep searching.  Of course I don’t have to pay for this blog here at WordPress, so I’m happy to cut and paste if need be.

Now for the knitting.  Why am I so angry with that rose?  I’m not, but when taking a picture of a gloved hand I discovered that they look really creepy.  Alien like almost.  Hence the rose bothering.  What is pictured is my first glove ever!  So fun.  I had some delicious sock yarn and just did NOT want to make another pair of socks.  How about gloves.

I found lots of glove patterns on Ravelry , but I decided to use the Serendipity Birthday Gloves pattern in IK Summer 2001 (sorry no pattern link – too old) rav link here.  This is a finger down pattern and I wanted to get the hard bit over first.  Turns out it’s not hard, just fiddly.  Once you get those fingers together it’s easy, just don’t forget to add the thumb.  I’m using Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock in Pilsen (408) and will have tons left over.  Turns out my hands are just as small as my feet.

My verdict on gloves is that they are a great alternative to socks.  As with socks, once you get the concept down, they’re pretty darn easy.


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    I’ve always fancied finger-down gloves but I think the prospect of wrestling with stitches on holders and all those ends of yarn has put me off.

  2. You can’t believe how impressed I am. I started a glove once. Got as far as two fingers and gave up, never to start the second one. You rock, plus they are really pretty!!!!!

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