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Yes I am vogue-ing on the right…

Well BOTH gloves are now done so I thought I’d brag about that 🙂

To recap, I used most of one skein of Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock in Pilsen colorway.  The pattern is an old one from IK Summer 2001, Serendipity Birthday Gloves.  I used the Magic Cast On from Knitty Spring 2006 and started the fingers with four stitches and increased from there.

Other than using a different cast on from the pattern, I followed the basic outline for knitting gloves.  You make the fingers, start by joining the index, middle and ring fingers.  Knit a bit and add the pinky.  Knit a bit more and add the thumb.  There are thousands of patterns out there for gloves, so go for it.  Also if you’ve only got one skein of sock yarn, you’ve got one sock or TWO gloves.  See where I’m going with that.


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  1. Ah ha that’s quite a breakthrough about the one skein, two gloves concept. I fear I do indeed have those single skeins of sock yarn.
    I have my senior archivist (my mother) looking for the pattern now.
    Thanks for the tips!

    • Thanks Lisa! Don’t forget to look at the Garnstudio Drops patterns, they’ve got tons of glove patterns. Take care, Silvia

  2. Looks as if you got a perfect fit. The colourway is especially nice done up as gloves. How many stitches were you around the palm above the thumb?

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