Last flight?

Spotted yesterday, ever wonder how the deceased travel to their final resting place?  In cargo – that’s how.  Don’t worry, these departed folks are in their own cargo bin separate from that bag you checked.  I know you were thinking that, so rest assured.  And no, it doesn’t freak me out btw.

We see this pretty frequently, and sadly we see it pretty often for soldiers killed.  The military sends an escort with the fallen soldiers and if you really want to cry, just watch a Marine honor guard ceremony on a deserted airport tarmac late at night.

OK, enough of the cargo stories.  It’s a beautiful day in Pittsburgh and I’ve got Pamela’s pancakes to work off at the gym.  It must almost be the weekend right?


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  1. Yes, it’s almost the weekend.

    We flew home from our honeymoon with a newlywed bride in tears in the seats with an empty seat beside her. Her new husband died of heat stroke on the beach on their honeymoon and was in the belly of the plane. That was very sad and sombering flight.

  2. Interesting. We just shipped my father-in-law from Las Vegas to Detroit last month. It never occurred to me that they would have a separate cargo area for the coffin. I just figured he was there with the baggage.

  3. I never thought about this until i saw the movie TAKING CHANCE- with Kevin Bacon about the military escorts. so moving, such a touching story.
    have a safe trip!

  4. It’s a shame, but in the US especially, you can’t really transport bodies over vast distances overland, can you? In this country military fatalities are flown into an RAF base and travel through this little town. The people of the town started lining the streets to honour the fallen and it’s grown into this huge, sombre, parade, almost. It’s very moving.

  5. Sorry. Another sad story. I was flying from DC to Montana with my best friend’s husband and her two kids. The ticket taker looked at the daughter (age 6) and rudely asked her where her mother was, assuming her mom had the tickets. Daughter said, “She’s in baggage.” I wanted to punch the guy. Her dad came up and handed over the tickets and we got on the plane.

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