When in doubt, knit a sock.

 I’d been knitting on Cassie’s pretty sock pattern, Norn with some of the only solid colored sock yarn I had handy in the garage stash.  It was a dark blue with a shiny cream thread.  The melding of the yarn with the pattern was only ok, not great.  So my brain got to thinking that just a few weeks before New York Sheep and Wool Festival would be a super time to buy sock yarn.

I really did want to knit up the Norn patternso I hustled my cookies down to the yarn shop and fondled a skein of Smooshy Dream in Color.  I’ve no idea why this yarn is called Smooshy, it’s nice yarn and knits up well, but to me smooshy would involve marshmallows or a beanbag chair.  Hey, we all have our “issues”.

My Smooshy is playing nicely with Norn, so we shall call this the Smooshy Norn sock from now on.  Doesn’t sound like it could be an unfortunate name bestowed by some hippy parents upon one of my grade school classmates?


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  1. I’m knitting some Dream In Color — Baby? Can’t remember which one, but it is a lovely saturated deep violet and really nice on the needles. Will have to try smooshy. That just doesn’t sound right…

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