Every year when Halloween rolls around I think this may be the year that fake niece Zoe will be too old and mature for me to make her a costume.  I really did think I’d passed my time of use for her costume aspirations, I mean she’s in her last year of grammer school!

So when I received a fab note with sketch enclosed, I knew my calculations had been a bit off.  I love making her costumes, so I was thrilled to be living on borrowed time.  This year my sketch was for a “Mother Nature” dress.  She wanted a white dress, green bodice and a leafy vine motif.  Check.

I used Simplicity 4255 as a starting point, made a few mods and lengthened the skirt to ankle length.  The material is white cotton, the “branches” are brown leaf print calico and the leaves are felt.  Freeform cutting of shapes and quick applique and costume came together.  I added a few falling leaves by sewing felt leaves onto grosgrain ribbon so they’ll move and stream out when she runs.

I think it’s stinking cute and she’s going to take in quite a haul of candy.  I’ll try and get the full costume wearing shot – I hear green hair and leafy flipflops are planned.  Love that Halloween!


My enforced confinement in Richmond, Virginia coupled with a dull NFL local broadcast made for good sock knitting.  The pretty result of my weekend are these completed Norn Socks.
The pattern is Too Much Wool Cassie’s Norn and I made the lace back version (you can also do an eyelet “seam” down the back).  Loved this pattern when she posted it and have planned on making it since.  I didn’t have a nice solid colored sock yarn so it took a bit for me to buy some and put it in sock making rotation.  So pretty.  The yarn is Dream in Color Smooshy, colorway Gogo Grassy.  I have to admit, I was a bit put off by the dumb name of this yarn but the yarn is great to work with and makes a good yarn fabric on my admittedly loose needles.  I shall have to buy more of this yummy stuff.
I had thought to make these as a gift, but sorry.  They’re mine.


Hotel room view in Richmond, Virginia at sundown.  Nippy autumnal temperatures, a wide screen tv and fatigue have kept me indoors and knitting a bit of sock.  My football team lost, but my sock won.

Going green

My favorite wool of all time is hands down cormo.  If you’re not familiar with this type of wool, it’s a super soft, sproingy wool that is next to the skin soft.  Foxhill Farm is my favorite cormo vendor and it’s no wonder her fleeces regularly win best in show.
This Rhinebeck I bought this gorgeous green cormo, it’s not variegated but rather has a range of green in the skeins, a very subtle color variation.  I bought all the skeins she had (5 x 275 yards for a worsted gauge), so I must plan a sweater carefully.  Obviously hoods and giant yarn eating cables are out of the question, but I shall have to let the yarn marinate a bit and have a think.
On a totally different note, I’ve got to go back to work this weekend and have a super long layover in Richmond, Virginia – like 32 hours!  Anything I must do or eat there, bearing in mind I’ve no car and am downtown?  I fear I’ll just sleep late and watch football and knit all day (sounds like heaven to me actually).  Socks may get done.
Must get back to Halloween costume sewing for fake niece Zoe now…this year it’s a “mother nature” costume.  She’s a clever girl.

Rhinebeck haul v.1

Rhinebeck ’09 has come and gone.  It was fun, delicious and cold this year.  Not rainy as predicted, so that was good!

Because Claudia and I don’t have super great fiber needs, our aims are more fun oriented.  We don’t have lists and must have vendors to visit, just leisurely strolling and visiting with friends as we pass.  This year there seemed to be tons yarn and fiber that is available at your local yarn shop or online, not to say this isn’t nice stuff, but not really why I haul my cookies across the entire country and hang out in the cold.

So did I even buy anything?  You bet!  I got these two hanks of sock yarn.  The top one is Holiday Yarns Flock Sock in Dreams colorway. The bottom one is from Ellen’s Half Pint Farm and sadly nameless, but still incredibly lovely.  I also bought a sweater’s worth of Cormo, which is my personal version of crack.  It’s a gorgeous green and at present in the hands of the Postal Service.  There’s only so much a suitcase can hold!

The other super fun thing we did was dine at Escoffier at the Culinary Institute of America with Laurie and Norma.  Yum!  Claudia has a video of the adorable waiter/student flaming the crepes tableside as well as pictures from the fairgrounds.  My pics pretty much sucked, so enjoy hers!

Rhinebeck hat

The closer New York Sheep and Wool has come, the more weight I can give the weather forecasts.  That means I can mostly trust that it will be cold and wet (and perhaps slightly snowflakey) in Rhinebeck so I shall need some winter garb.  I brought some stuff with me, but I really got the hat jones.
Enter ChicKnits Mondo Cable Cap (love it!) and a skein of my sister’s leftover Rowan Magpie Tweed.  I knit on and off for a day and I finished!  The hat was wet blocked around a dinner plate and now I can proudly sport this cute cap at the festival.
Thanks to Claudia for the photo!


I am officially on vacation as of today!  I’ve got about ten days off and boy am I glad.

On the agenda are Rhinebeck this weekend and sorting out a huge banking mess caused by someone hacking into my iTunes account and downloading masses of stuff on my dime – all while I was working an allnight flight.  Insult to injury that.  I now have no atm card or cash.  Nice.  Especially right before a fiber festival.  I shall overcome though.

Because it’s REALLY cold in Boston (where my tush is currently sitting) I decided to make Bonne Marie’s cute Mondo Cable Hat using some Rowan Magpie Tweed that my sister had sitting around innocently minding its own business.  Forgive the crappy picture, buy my camera is upstairs and my iPhone is sitting right next to me.  You get the cute idea though, I hope.  Plus if Rhinebeck is as cold as I think it will be this year, I’ll need as many hats as I can come up with.  A hat is a good Rhinebeck goal, a new sweater is insane people!

Strolling in Savannah

Today’s layover is courtesy of Savannah, Georgia.  After brunch a stroll was in order, so here are a few snaps taken during my stroll.  It’s warm and humid here –  in OCTOBER!  I can’t imagine the joy that is summer here in the low country.  Enjoy the view!

Would it be wrong to keep it?

Yes, it would be wrong to keep a yummy scarf one has knit for charity.  I realize that.  I shan’t keep this one, but may make another for me memememememememeeee.

What is this scarf of which I speak?  This is my contribution to OFA Red Scarf Project, which is a fabulous thing.  The point is to make a scarf you’d want for yourself, so check plus on that one.  Two skeins of Malabrigo Worsted in sealing wax colorway, in a unisex pattern.  I chose the surprisingly engaging Reversible Herringbone Scarf pattern by Sammie Carraher.  It’s easily memorized, free and makes a darn nice scarf.  My finished scarf is 8.5″ by 69″ unstretched and unblocked.  It’s long enough to single or double neck wrap, which is rather important to me and did I mention reversible.  Clearly these photos of  me braving the California sunshine this morning makes me a scarf expert.

Have I inspired you to make a red scarf?  You can send them in from 1 September to 15 December to the address on the OFA Red Scarf Project site.

Bringing back the eyecandy

Yesterday I flew around all day and was very happy to land at our layover destination Detroit.  Yes, I was happy to be in Detroit, which is by far the chilliest place I’ve been lately.  We’d just moved to a new layover hotel that is actually attached to the airport terminals.  You just walk from the gate and right next to the McDonalds is the hotel.  We who knew it was so awesome, great hotel and no waiting for a van after a long day is super nice.
The view from my room is of one of the terminals.  I saw row upon row of airplanes lined up and sleeping for the night.  This morning I woke up and they were all gone.  I didn’t even hear them go.  I used the iPhone ShakeitPhoto app for my before and after masterpieces.  Enjoy the view!