Would it be wrong to keep it?

Yes, it would be wrong to keep a yummy scarf one has knit for charity.  I realize that.  I shan’t keep this one, but may make another for me memememememememeeee.

What is this scarf of which I speak?  This is my contribution to OFA Red Scarf Project, which is a fabulous thing.  The point is to make a scarf you’d want for yourself, so check plus on that one.  Two skeins of Malabrigo Worsted in sealing wax colorway, in a unisex pattern.  I chose the surprisingly engaging Reversible Herringbone Scarf pattern by Sammie Carraher.  It’s easily memorized, free and makes a darn nice scarf.  My finished scarf is 8.5″ by 69″ unstretched and unblocked.  It’s long enough to single or double neck wrap, which is rather important to me and did I mention reversible.  Clearly these photos of  me braving the California sunshine this morning makes me a scarf expert.

Have I inspired you to make a red scarf?  You can send them in from 1 September to 15 December to the address on the OFA Red Scarf Project site.


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  1. Bonjour Silvia!
    Nice scarf!
    Thanks for liking my watercolor!
    I would love to paint autumn leaves, but here,fall is VERY late, and we dont have a single one…Sigh! It’s true I wont complain about sun, and nice an warm weather, but it’s a bit strange… We had 28° centigrade, today!

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