Rhinebeck hat

The closer New York Sheep and Wool has come, the more weight I can give the weather forecasts.  That means I can mostly trust that it will be cold and wet (and perhaps slightly snowflakey) in Rhinebeck so I shall need some winter garb.  I brought some stuff with me, but I really got the hat jones.
Enter ChicKnits Mondo Cable Cap (love it!) and a skein of my sister’s leftover Rowan Magpie Tweed.  I knit on and off for a day and I finished!  The hat was wet blocked around a dinner plate and now I can proudly sport this cute cap at the festival.
Thanks to Claudia for the photo!

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  1. Fabulous cap!! I love this pattern.

    If you see Bonne Marie at Rhinebeck give her a giant hug for me. Yourself and Claudia too! Have a great time. 🙂

  2. Perfect with your hair. Definitely going in the queue. If Claudia has another skein, you should ask her to deconstruct and re-spin it into a fine weight so you can make lightweight matching cabled mitts. Take a photo of her face when you ask…

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