Going green

My favorite wool of all time is hands down cormo.  If you’re not familiar with this type of wool, it’s a super soft, sproingy wool that is next to the skin soft.  Foxhill Farm is my favorite cormo vendor and it’s no wonder her fleeces regularly win best in show.
This Rhinebeck I bought this gorgeous green cormo, it’s not variegated but rather has a range of green in the skeins, a very subtle color variation.  I bought all the skeins she had (5 x 275 yards for a worsted gauge), so I must plan a sweater carefully.  Obviously hoods and giant yarn eating cables are out of the question, but I shall have to let the yarn marinate a bit and have a think.
On a totally different note, I’ve got to go back to work this weekend and have a super long layover in Richmond, Virginia – like 32 hours!  Anything I must do or eat there, bearing in mind I’ve no car and am downtown?  I fear I’ll just sleep late and watch football and knit all day (sounds like heaven to me actually).  Socks may get done.
Must get back to Halloween costume sewing for fake niece Zoe now…this year it’s a “mother nature” costume.  She’s a clever girl.

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  1. What a lovely looking yarn!

    I’ve got a bag of cormo fluff waiting for the spinning wheel. It may have to be next.

    I wondered about fake niece Zoe. No side of princess this year? That makes me sad to think she’s outgrown princess already. /sigh


  2. Richmond–It’s close enough that I should know more about it than I do. There’s at least one yarn store in the downtown area, a pretty decent Irish pub (Siné), and tons more restaurants that are probably better.

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