Every year when Halloween rolls around I think this may be the year that fake niece Zoe will be too old and mature for me to make her a costume.  I really did think I’d passed my time of use for her costume aspirations, I mean she’s in her last year of grammer school!

So when I received a fab note with sketch enclosed, I knew my calculations had been a bit off.  I love making her costumes, so I was thrilled to be living on borrowed time.  This year my sketch was for a “Mother Nature” dress.  She wanted a white dress, green bodice and a leafy vine motif.  Check.

I used Simplicity 4255 as a starting point, made a few mods and lengthened the skirt to ankle length.  The material is white cotton, the “branches” are brown leaf print calico and the leaves are felt.  Freeform cutting of shapes and quick applique and costume came together.  I added a few falling leaves by sewing felt leaves onto grosgrain ribbon so they’ll move and stream out when she runs.

I think it’s stinking cute and she’s going to take in quite a haul of candy.  I’ll try and get the full costume wearing shot – I hear green hair and leafy flipflops are planned.  Love that Halloween!


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  1. You are the BEST fake aunt ever! … and can collect your cut of the action soon enough!

    Yet another fabulously successful collaboration. Thank you Sil.

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