Should I leave the house?

I finished a dress that took way longer than it should have and I now need to decide whether I can leave the house in it.  See, it’s about 3″ shorter than I thought it would be after not measuring or reading the finished dimensions.  I know!  With that kind of attention to detail it should have come out perfect.

Also know, that I may just wear it proudly in some unsuspecting location even if y’all email me in horror begging me to burn this.  See I kinda like it, but the short thing is bugging.  I’m mitigating the shortness by wearing THICK leggings (not tights, mind) and low boots.  Nothing slutty about a mumu and leggings, right?
So is it MILF or sad?

Pattern is McCalls 5925 if you’d like to see what it actually looks like.  Boots are years old kids size from Target.  Right?