Should I leave the house?

I finished a dress that took way longer than it should have and I now need to decide whether I can leave the house in it.  See, it’s about 3″ shorter than I thought it would be after not measuring or reading the finished dimensions.  I know!  With that kind of attention to detail it should have come out perfect.

Also know, that I may just wear it proudly in some unsuspecting location even if y’all email me in horror begging me to burn this.  See I kinda like it, but the short thing is bugging.  I’m mitigating the shortness by wearing THICK leggings (not tights, mind) and low boots.  Nothing slutty about a mumu and leggings, right?
So is it MILF or sad?

Pattern is McCalls 5925 if you’d like to see what it actually looks like.  Boots are years old kids size from Target.  Right?


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    • Hi Carolyn! Thanks for being a team player :-) Those boots are totally faux leather and size 4 1/2 kids from Target! Crazy, right? -s

  1. Wear the dress, it’s what they’d wear in Europe, the land of the truly fashion bold. The tights seem a little too domineering, though.

  2. & I’d say ‘get rid of the boots, but keep the tights’. I like the print, but the dress seems big on you.
    So our opinions go in all directions.

  3. The dress is not too short, but it does seem a little bit wide. Needs something to celebrate the wideness – maybe a belt to make it poof, or maybe it’s just the hands on the hips in the pictures that are bothering me. I sort of like the idea of the straight lines of the dress just falling straight to the sides with nothing to interrupt it. Good colors on you!

  4. I’ve seen short dresses worn with leggings before successfully and also with jeans. I would opt for dark jeans myself. If you like the dress I think you should go for it!

  5. From what I can tell, you should skip it as a dress and consider it a long tunic…but it looks like the expected length went into the width!

    So if you decide to wear it, take out at least a few inches so it’s more skimming that voluminous!

  6. You need your sister’s new boots (black, not brown), the dress taken in, and belted. I do not like the maternity look, as we have discussed before. 😉

  7. Sure! But with purple tights and burgundy boots or clogs.

    That pattern looks a lot like the wallpaper I had in my bedroom circa 1976. I sure loved that wallpaper!!

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