Kool choco hat

The  other day I got a hot burning hair up my a*s to make a quick gift.  I’ve liked the Koolhaas Hat pattern and had two skeins of Karabella Aurora 8 (LOVE it) in a chocolate brown in the stash.  I swatched with my morning coffee and a hat was born.  Granted, I had to go to work (after 20 days off – yikes) and took the project with me and got about 7 rows done in 4 days because I was on the TRIP FROM HELL.  (Oh holidays, how you suck.)
No worries, the trip ended and the hat is done today.  The hat is lovely and I don’t want to give it away, but you already knew I was a bad ‘un.  No mods to Jared’s pattern, not really – just different yarn, gauge and needle size.  My row gauge was off so I converted all “repeat chart 5x” to lengths based upon the pattern’s gauge.  Therefore, I knit until the hat was 6.625″ long and then decreased.  It fits my human head, so I think the math worked out ok.
Tomorrow is baking day so all pictures will be of cake/pie.  They will be bad pictures as my trusty, faithful orange tiny camera has died.  I’m sad because orange camera has been all over the world with me, but we had a good run.  RIP orange friend.