New camera time!

My new camera was waiting for me when I got home from my last trip!  Yay!  I starting playing with it at 1 a.m. after a transcon flight, not such a great idea btw.  I bought a Panasonic LumixDMC- ZS1 after a bit of research on  I liked the super zoom ability, which is nice for all those extreme knitwear shots I’ll be taking.  There is a ZS3 model that costs more that takes HD movies, but I’ve never taken any movie in my life and certainly don’t have a HDtv, so I got  a bargain with the regular movie ability ZS1 model.  Heaven help you all if I start filming shit for YouTube.

I was playing with the zoom this morning while waiting for my coffee to brew.  I’m so loving the rain on the flowers and the depth of zoom pics!  That left pic is my current wip which is a big ol’ piece of stockinette for Phildar Origami Sweater.  Still working on it, but it’s  just not too interesting to look at right now.
I’m thinking of knitting another hat…which one will it be?  I’m leaning towards Bloom (but must find something suitable in the stash to knit it with – no purchasing for hat knitting is the rule now).
Back to tormenting the household objects with the new camera!

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  1. How funny! We just bought the ZS3. It’s on sale at Costco right now for $250 including a 2GB memory card and a case. So far, we really like it. I love how you don’t have to do a separate setting for macro – it just figures it out.

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