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If you’ve ever met me you may or may not have noticed my hands.  I have small, square little hands with no nails.  That doesn’t bug me, I think my hands are fine.  My sister and mom both have long, lovely slender hands and long fingernails that seem to grow effortlessly.

Because I work with my hands and wash them constantly (hello swine flu/hepatitis/yellow fever/monkey pox) my little nails don’t stand a chance.  They split and break below the quick.  I worked with some women last week who talked me into trying gel nails to armor plate them.  So today I went for it.  I had tips and gel done, I must be the only one who makes the manicurist put on nails this short.

I’m hoping they look ok to others, because the look totally odd to me.  Bang, there they are.  I now have to try to figure out how to use my hands all over again.  I’ve tested out typing and eating cookies.  Both are good to go.  I have to work tomorrow, so I’ll see if it’s possible for me to work with these armor talons.  If not, they’re history next week.  I also learned that while most things in California are more expensive than most other places, manicures are super cheap compared with some places I’ve been.  Hurrah for competition!

I just hope they don’t look too stripper-y…


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  1. They look nice.
    I am a chronic nail-biter. When my nails grow out–which only happens rarely–I am completely incapable of typing and doing many other fine motor things.

  2. Oh you are totally like me with regards to nails! I have been thinking about doing gels for awhile. I think you have just pushed me over the edge. They look great!

    • Aw dude, why you gotta hurt a sister? I think you should utilize all that extra time and energy making a duff best of 2009 mix cd for you friends’ Xmas stockings….hint hint.

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  3. They look totally normal, Sil. Not stripper-like at all. Nor do they look weird unlike the ones I saw this morning with green tips. Now that was weird.

  4. Good grief, girl, those are my hands! The nails look very very nice, very finished and professional and not pole dancer professional (that would be French Toenails – eeew). I guess the real test will be how well you can stand the twice-monthly fills.

    Sigh. Doing fused glass and metalwork, pretty nails are not where the beauty effort goes (ha). Sure do miss them, though.

  5. I hear ya, I have no nails either. They are thin and break and even when I let them grow out they are wavy and look weird. So I just bite them off!
    Yours look wonderful though! You get points for being brave to try a new look and it works!

  6. They look great! I have a friend with the same problem (and, actually, hands that look amazingly like hers). She started getting short fake nails several years ago, and at first I couldn’t stop staring at her hands, even though they looked very nice! I did get used to it eventually but just a warning – your friends might stare at first!

  7. Yeah, no nails here. Can’t have them with my work, and have discovered that even when I’m off on vacation, I really can’t tolerate them. And though I am a bit embarrassed if anyone looks closely at my hands, I actually am not fond of the posh-manicured hand, unless it’s just “natural.” And don’t get me started on the rhinestones or appliques on them. 😀

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