The origami continues

I’ve almost completed the knitting of the main piece of the Origami Cardigan.  As a refresher, this is actually Phildar No. 21-T9-15 Cardigan.  I renamed it Origami Cardigan because as you can kind of tell from the schematic above, this is not your momma’s cardigan.  If anything, it’s like an Issey Miyake sewing pattern (click here for a nice link to some of his amazing patterns).  I can hear the shout outs from the sewers in the crowd.
The main blob shown on the schematic at left is labelled “Back and Front Sides”.  This is the piece I have almost completed.  Next up is the sleeve, which is the schematic on the right.  Clearly.  Then one makes a collar and sews this puppy up.  We shall see.
The other things I’m knitting are gifts, namely the felted French Press Slippers everyone in the knit world is making.  As we’re making gifts this year and I don’t really have much time, I thought I’d overcome my LOATHING for felting and make the slippers.  They’re cute, I must admit.  And don’t worry, if you’re reading this blog, you’re not one of the recipients.  So one pair of those down and one to go before the dreaded felting.
FYI:  Pattern is French Press Felted Slippers and the yarn is Patons Classic Wool.  One pair is “Woodrose Heather” and one pair will be “Jade Heather”.  Doesn’t that color pink remind you of a dog’s tongue?  Ok, I guess that’s just me then.
I hope your Christmas preparations are going along swimmingly too!

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  1. I canNOT wait to see that sweater. I see it as an act of faith or something. More so than the BSJ.

    Keep an eye on the washer when you felt, sweetie. Things can go very slowly one minute and speed out of control the next.

  2. I once knit a LOT of felted slippers in that color and they were surprisingly good — didn’t show dirt much.

    That sweater is going to be something else. Neat!

  3. Hmm… I thought it was a really attractive pink until you mentioned the resemblance to a dog tongue…

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who is anti-felting. I’ve made one felted project and it turned out great – but depending on the washing machine to produce the correct size frightens me!

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