Scarf = neck hat?

No, not a hat this time, a scarf!  Crazy!!
As I sit here in pleasantly temperate Florida today (instead of my original eastern seaboard snowed in destination) I am contemplating my latest stash busting project.  I started a Baktus Scarf the other day with some funky yarn that’s been sitting in my stash for a few years.
The pattern is an easy one, a long squished triangular-shaped scarf that’s an easily memorized four row progression in garter stitch.  You make the increases with half the yarn and decrease with the other half and you’ve got a perfect triangle .  Luckily I’ve got two skeins of yarn to use up and won’t even have to weigh or measure my skeins.
The yarn is Autumn House Farm angora/alpaca/rayon blend purchased at some fiber festival at some point in the past.  The yarn has randomly spaced bits of fluff along the main filament, but it’s easy enough to knit.  I need an easy take along project and this fits the bill nicely.  I also like the natural, neutral color the yarn.  I think this will be a useful, California weight scarf.  That means it’s not too warm, but keeps the chill off when the fog rolls in.  I mean it’s California afterall.

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