Around the block

Today’s layover is in Madrid and normally I’d rally and see a sight or two, but damn I’m pooped.  Between Christmas festivities and a bad week of sleeping, I’m done.  The most I can manage today are a few snaps from the quiet residential streets near our hotel.  It is pretty here, so I’ll make a point to come back and see the sights for real.  Until then, good night!
P.s.  The most enchanting Christmas decorations are the Three Kings climbing into the window.  They’re in every other window here.  Santa’s not so big here, the Kings rule!

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  1. 3 kings, huh? How interesting. I wonder if they climb in the windows and leave presents… Actually probably a better story than saying a pudgy guy slides down chimneys.

  2. I really want to go to Madrid next month, and I want to stay somewhere quiet.
    May I ask which neighbourhood you were staying in?
    I really enjoy your blog,
    Happy New Year!

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