I hate felting.

There, I’ve said it.

Why do I hate felting?  I guess it’s because the process is so half assed unpredictable and, imho, most felted objects are kind of ugly.  When I saw the French Press Knits Felted Slipper pattern I thought they’d be cute enough to try for quick gifts.  Cheap yarn and quick to knit.

Well they are quick to knit and really too fiddly to sew up for any sort of enjoyment, even with wine.  And remember folks, I like sewing.  But sew them up I did and then had to felt.  They did felt up pretty quickly, but the slippers don’t felt at the same rate, and by that I mean the right one and left one felt to different sizes.  So one goes back in, then the other and then I need to open more wine.  Eventually I got both pairs the same-ish size and now they fit me.  Unfortunately, these aren’t for me and I wear a 6 and my friends wear 8s.  So I yanked them and stretched them and now they’re too big for me, so maybe they’ll fit my friends’ feet. Maybe.

Never again.  Yes, they’re cute but it’s too much work for a maybe.  But then I’m a felting hater, so take that with a grain of salt and throw it into the washer at your own risk.


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  1. Wow, you sound so bitter… (grin) I agree about felting, though. I don’t HATE it, mind you, but I don’t like it, either, because it’s always so inconsistent!

    Oh, and hey, I wear a size 7…

  2. I love felting. That said, most things I’ve felted have not been felted to fit type things. And I have felted with a front loader and like it better than felting with a top loader. To each their own!

  3. AGREE (1000000)

    Had the same one foot felted smaller than the other problem. Spent WAY more time on them than was reasonable. At least the felted clogs do what they’re supposed to.

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