Strange shapes

I’ve knit away on my Origami Sweater (rav link here) and have completed the body piece called “Back and Front Sides” which is a big rectangle with four triangles protruding at various angles.  I’ve folded those triangles down to show where the “sleeve” I’m knitting will go.  Yes that triangle bit is where the sleeve goes.  Now you’d think the sleeve would be shaped like the hole it’s meant to fill.  But no bucko!  The “sleeve” is shaped like those fairy wings you smack on your kid’s back on Halloween.  You apparently make the wings, fold them into some form, keeping a hole free for your appendage and sew them in.
I can’t believe I was complaining about the finishing on those damn felted slippers, this sweater will be so much worse.  I’m still working on the first “sleeve”, but I think a trip to the wine shop will be needed for the finishing effort.

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  1. It’s Phildar. You pay for the pretty and the fashion forward by making your brain hurt. I’m still trying to figure out that pattern from the most recent book.

    Good luck on your fairy wings.

  2. I just looked again at your previous post where you show the diagram, followed the link to Phildar’s photo of the hot blond in the sweater, and I think you’re on the right track. It does pull a bit over the shoulder, pooch a bit under the arm, and have a weird dolman-like thang going, but it’s very cool looking. As long as you get a good edge around the sleeve opening, get the right number of stitches when you pick up for the collar, and sew your usual perfect seams, it looks to be a winner.

  3. I envy your access to Phildar. I used to live in Quebec City and the Phildar store was my main LYS, oh so many years ago. It’ll be interesting to see the Origami on you.

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