Origami body

I just couldn’t wait to sew up this sweater to see how those weird sleeves would work.  Well it turns out it wasn’t too tricky to carry out, just needed lots of pins and a bit of steam.
After the sew up I now see that either my gauge is off or the sweater grows under its own weight.  Layed out as you see it, this is about 7 cm too wide.  Obviously in a big, loose sweater like this,  7 cm isn’t a deal breaker so onward.
I’m working on the collar now, it’s knit with double strand and half fisherman rib.  You make the collar and fold it in half and sew it in.  This may or may not work, but I’ll try it as written first.  If needed I can always think outside the box, but I’ll save myself (the labor) at this minute (quit giggling).
Here’s to a rainy day off.

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    • Now who would accuse a girl with a shiner of being pervy?I do know what you mean, I knit the thing to figure out what was going on. Sadly it’s pretty well done but I must go to work today and won’t have time to photograph til next week. -s

  1. In the pattern photo, the sweater is distorted a bit over the shoulders, so yes, I think it will lengthen in wearing. There’s also that poochy bit where it comes up into the closure. I’ll bet it works. Frankly, you’d look great in a paper bag!

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