Oh ye of little faith

I finished my freaky triangular Phildar sweater (my rav link here)!  During this quick break in rain I rushed outside to try to photograph the finished sweater (but sadly did not think to brush my hair…).
The sweater is a bit bigger than anticipated, but I prefer big and loose so I’m not displeased.  Clearly I could have made a size or two smaller, but for this design precision isn’t key.
I followed the pattern because I pretty much had to.  This thing is knit in a odd shape for the body and then you add triangular bits for the sleeves.  I didn’t finish the sweater as written though.  The pattern called for single crochet around the fronts, bottom and sleeves.  My cast on is neat and pretty, so we don’t need to crochet over that.  At the CF I used a chain selvedge and they are also neat and pretty.  They turn in a bit, but I rather like that – so no crochet there.  The sleeves were all jagged looking from the decreases used to shape them and single crochet wouldn’t really fix that.  I decided to use a 4 stitch applied icord edging and I rather like how that came out.
Next up is to find a button that doesn’t stand out since there’s enough going on without added distraction.  I’m also thinking of trying to cover a button with a little scrap of knitting.  That may not work because of the bulk, but I’ve got some covered button kits around here somewhere.
Triangle power baybee!

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  1. I really like that, it looks fantastic on you! My mom once single crocheted around some plastic rings for buttons – just an idea.

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