It’s Cable Time!

I’ve unexpectedly ended up having a week off because I don’t have to work my trip this weekend!  Yay!  A weekend off, the first in months!  It’s rained everyday and I don’t care.  We need the rain, it’s not cold and I’m not working!  It does make for poor photo taking conditions though.
After finishing my Origami Cardie the other day, I should have picked up my other Phildar sweater in progress and worked on that.  I should have done that.  I did not.  I wandered out to the stash in the garage and picked up the gorgeous green Foxhill Farm Cormo Cross purchased last New York Sheep and Wool.  I always buy one sweater’s worth because it’s my absolute favorite yarn, evah!
After falling into the cormo’s grasp, I even knew what pattern I wanted to knit.  I’ve loved Drops 109-3 for ages and thought I could fudge the gauge of the cormo enough to make it work.  So far I think it’s working well, I just have to see how much yarn this sweater is eating as I go.  I know I don’t have enough for a hood because I have 1375 yards of worsted weight, but I should have enough for a sweater with cute collar.  (Yes I bought all the yarn the vendor had in this handdyed one of a kind colorway – there was no more so this one won’t be my fault if I don’t have enough.  Defensive, aren’t I?)
What else has my lazy self been loving this week?  I read Reginald Hill’s latest (from the library), watched Murphy’s Law Series 1 (from Netflix – love them), cooked the easiest Braised BBQ Beef (4 hours braising in Stubbs Original BBQ sauce – yum) and found Robertson’s Thick Cut Marmalade in the British section of my local supermarket.  I may just pull out the sewing machine and make something too!  Maybe.
This weekend I’ll be watching Up in the Air and not be up in it.  How’s that for perfect irony?

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  1. Oh, I love that yarn (tough wotsits for me, right?!). Variegation + cables can be tricky but the colours are tonally very similar so they don’t overwhelm at all.

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