Green girl knits

I seem to have zipped through knitting most of the body of Drops 109-3.  Because I subbed a yarn with a different gauge I’m ending up using the measurements in the pattern and not the “repeat motif 3 times” instructions.  A note to Drops pattern writers:  THANK YOU for putting in the measurements AND the repeat 3 times business.  So freaking helpful – whether you sub yarn or not (do you think the Rowan pattern writers can hear me?).

At this stage of the knitting I switch to garter stitch.  Since I’m not sure about my garter stitch gauge, I’m going to make the sleeves and put off the problem.  Very mature I am.  I will have to knit a garter stitch gauge, I realize that.  But then I’ll have to do math and pull out the very wonderful Sweater Design in Plain English to calculate my rate of yoke decreasing.  Now you see why I’m making the sleeves first, don’t ya?


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  1. Loving the cables. I used to segue to the sleeves, or start with sleeves, until someone pointed out to me that the rate of decrease on the sleeve might be determined by those pesky gauge issues I was avoiding on the body.

  2. I actually prefer the math to the knitting, really truly. Doing sleeves first is wise, but I would do the math, too — calculations are irresistible!

    Totally like your cable pop.

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