Cherry blossoms!

After working the flight from hell yesterday (as purser no less – the repository of all problems), I ended up in San Francisco with a 28 hour layover.  I’m being paid to go home and sleep in my own bed.  If that payoff wasn’t enough, what do I see on 19th Ave.?  My first sighting of cherry blossoms of the season!
I LOVE cherry blossoms.  To me they mean spring, newness, endless possibilities and my birthday.  My birthday is still a month and a half off, but here are the blossoms that made me happy after a crappy, long day.  I shoved my iPhone (with it’s cherry blossom skin) out the window at the traffic light and what you get a a crappy pic, but I hope they make you smile today too.

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  1. Oh, thanks so much for the picture. Sure is wonderful to see some signs of spring somewhere, when all we see here is snow!

  2. No pink cherries down here yet (or yesterday anyway), but the white trees are glorious and the tulip magnolia is glowing pink.

  3. Cherry blossoms mean childhood to me. Innocence and possibilities. The picture isn’t great, but in my memories of D.C. as a kid, the blossoms are delicate, abundant, and joyful.

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