Sleeve on the ground

Sleeve #1 is complete awaiting further instructions from the mother ship.  OK, kidding – but it is done.
I decided to just make the sleeves based on my arm measurements rather than following the pattern as written and then make it work after joining up with the body.  All that means is to decide how wide you want the sleeve at the wrist and bicep, do some math to figure out your rate of increase and get going.  I’m glad I did because the bicep  would have been too tight if I’d kept to the pattern.  My biceps aren’t big and muscled, so perhaps the Garnstudio folks have very underdeveloped arms and design their patterns thusly.  Whatever reason, it’s an easy fix.
Now off to hunker down and enjoy my day off.

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  1. I do not know how I missed commenting on your triangle sweater, but SUPER CUTE. That was very, very Sil.

    If you run out of this yarn, it is totally not your fault. I saw you buy all Alice had.

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