Let me see your hands!

My usual travel projects for work are socks.  But sometimes the sock just doesn’t float my boat.  What’s a knitting girl to do?
In this instance my socks were just not catching my interest.  I’d bought some brown and blue yarn and the last NY Sheep and Wool.  When I started working, it turned out to be two smaller skeins, one blue one  brown, both variegated.  Now I liked both skeins, but I’d just assumed it would be self striping and I could mindlessly knit plain vanilla socks.  I started knitting the sock and decided to randomly stripe the yarns myself.  Unfortunately I didn’t like the resulting socks.
Now more thinking.  I remembered Beadlizard Sylvia’s fingerless mitt pattern and after a quick search, printed the pattern and started making mitts.  The pattern is very easy to follow and well thought out.  I’d expect nothing less from Sylvia, that’s just how she rolls.  They are essentially top down mitts with the thumb knit first and added when it’s appropriate.  I used a longtail cast on and Jeny’s Surprisingly Stretchy Bind off at the end.  Done!
You know the best part?  You only need about half a skein of sock yarn to make a pair of mitts, so it’s actually very convenient my yarn was in two parts.  My first pair are a tad big for my tiny hands, so I shall gift them to a bigger pawed pal and my next pair are brown and I will grade them down.  Sylvia has thoughtfully provided the grading number, so stay tuned for my next pair.
I think I’m hooked on mitts – in a good way of course.

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  1. I roll, huh? I read that aloud to my DH and he chuckled. I’m plodding through a short-finger pair for his huge hands now.

    The whole knuckle-to-wrist thang is so you can try them on and grade a bit here and there as you go. Your hands are so slender you might not need that upper gusset at all. Did you try on C’s orange pair and, if yes, do they fit you? What’s the grist/ypp of that blue-brown? [Pretty stuff.]

    I’ve switched the direction of the pattern for friends who don’t graft. Need to clean up and combine the sizes in a proper pattern so it’s like a Burda. Taxes first.

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