How about this?

I remember at Berkeley we were able to take a certain few elective classes on a Pass/No Pass basis.  Perhaps that would be a good evaluation method for knitting patterns.  Drops 109-3 = no pass.
Next up is Villane, a much plainer (and garter-free) pattern.  The only cables are on the sleeves, no body cables, just some ribbing.  The pattern is straight up and down from hip to bust, and while that will work with ribbing at the sides, a curvy gal like does not want any gapping at CF.  I added stitches at the hip and decreased with a bit of waist shaping.  Must show off the assets, you know.
On an Olympic note:  if you win a medal, please don’t chew gum on the medal podium.  Really.  Can you hear me skiers and snowboarders?  No gum.  I mean it, where are their “people”?

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