Back in one piece

Ugh!  Eleven days on duty is offically too many.  Oh well, it’s over and done with.  I’ve got a few days off so that’s what I’ll focus on.

I finished a dress before the work marathon and didn’t like it much.  I tried it on again today and still don’t like it.  I guess we’ll call this one a fail.  I used McCall’s 5752 pattern and that graphic print poly from Fabrix in San Francisco.  The print on the knit doesn’t read quite so horizontally in person, and that slippery poly is a pain to work with.  Luckily it’s $2.69 a yard, so experimenting is cheap.

I have much more unflattering pictures of this dress hugging my ass and hips, but those pics are so not going onto the internet, so just take my word for it.  My gripes are that plunging gaping neck, the wonky side seams that I can’t make lay flat (poly doesn’t iron well) and the way the material clings like crazy to my butt (junk in the trunk in a horizontal print!).  The midriff has this ruched area front and back, and in theory that should be flattering.  It’s not, it looks like some sort of marsupial pouch after the baby’s left.

I think this pattern would work better for me with a firmer knit in a solid color or smaller print.  A fuller A-line skirt or some gathering at the waist would be more flattering asswise. 

Perhaps I’ll try a wrap dress with a full skirt next.  I still like the feel of wearing the poly knit, but perhaps I’ll make the wrap in a solid knit color or a cotton knit.  The other good thing about this pattern is that it’s super fast to make.  So while it’s a fail, it was cheap and fast.  Will I make it again, no.  I shall have to look around for a dress meeting the criteria derived from the fail points of this dress.  Second time’s the charm, hopefully.

If it’s Tuesday, it must be ????

I have no idea where I am since I’m flying 9 out of 10 days and it’s day six today.  Ok, my hotel phone tells me I’m in DC for my info purposes.  Exellent.  Tomorrow, who knows.
My road knitting project this trip is Ishbel.  I’m using my favorite Malabrigo Lace in Apple Green and have just started the lace section.  I made the stockinette section extra big and increased up to 269 stitches.  I now have to figure out how much lace I can knit from the remaining bit of yarn.  The lace sections are broken up into sections A through E and one repeats the sequences based upon how big you’re knitting the scarf.  I want to knit a big lace section, but I suspect I’ve only got enough yarn for a small section.  I haven’t been able to find an answer to my question by looking at the completed projects on Rav, so I’m a trailblazer of sorts.  If anyone has knit this project with Malabrigo Lace and has an inkling, pass it on friend. 
If you’re wondering how long this Malabrigo Lace obsession will last, let me just say I’ve got one more skein of this stuff.

Mashup Dress

The Bernina has been dusted off and the sewing has begun.  I found some retro looking cotton at Fabrix the other month (like $2.59/yd).  I washed the fabric and it bulked up a bit and was kind of stiff, totally wrong for a blouse.  Well how about a dress then?
I wanted to use patterns I had, and liked McCall’s 5927 C bodice and the A-line skirt from McCall’s 5466.  I read the comments from users of both patterns over on PatternReview and thought the bodice of M5466 was not too nice for most of the sewers.  The examples that looked good were heavily adjusted and modified.  Too much work for a little summer frock.  The bodice of 5927C was retro adorable and my fabric was too stiff for a tailored skirt (plus I much prefer A-line).  The two patterns begged to be mashed up.
I didn’t measure the different bodice and skirt, but walked the pattern, saw it was close and cut 1″ seam allowances from waist blended to hip.  That worked fine and is totally easy to do.  The dress is fully lined from edge to edge – no facings and I added purchased piping in green.  It’s lined in light green  poly because green is springy (and I like it).  The buttons are from the stash, so the only thing I had to buy was a the zipper in harvest gold (or some such) which is the color of 1970s appliances.  I could tweak the fit of the back of the bodice a bit more, but it fit pretty darn well right out of the envelope.
I thought about adding retro piped pockets, but didn’t want to look costumey, just retro influenced.  A fine line, so better without.  All in all, an easy enough warm weather dress.

What’s a “shawlette”?

Honestly, I don’t have a freaking clue as to what a shawlette is, but it seems to be a scarf.  Why not call it a scarf?  Oh the questions I have for life.
What you see is one skein of Malabrigo Lace in Orchid colorway knit up in the Citron pattern.  All color representations are a bit inaccurate.  The actual color is more pink than blue, but still purple.  Clear as mud.
Should you wish to knit up this pattern, don’t hesitate.  It’s easy.  The last section is an exercise in patience but it’s only 11 rows long, so don’t be a whiny bratty baby please.  My only caveat is to use an Addi Turbo Lace needle or you’ll end up doing yourself some harm.  No joke.  I came to that realization two rows in and dragged my arse to the knit shop pronto.
Technical notes, for those into such things: no mods to the pattern, used the lifted increase for M1 so as to not leave holes in the scarf; my bind off was Suspended Bind Off from Montse Stanley’s Knitter’s Handbook, page 85.  I lightly steamed the scarf with an iron but not too much, I wanted my ruching to stay ruched.
P.s. Thanks for the birthday greetings!  I had a great time and still have time off.  Heaven.

Things I love

1.  The daffodils at Trader Joe’s are $1.29 a bunch.  Cheap thrills baby.
3.  This super easy yellow cake recipe found via Angry Chicken frosted with chocolate buttercream. Yum.
4.  The California DMV where I renewed my driver’s license in 12 minutes. Right?! Can’t complain about that.
5.  Apple green Malabrigo Lace destined for another Citron.  My orchid one is almost done, though I’m gonna gamble that I’ve got enough yarn left for one more section and the ending ruffle.  It’s alot of annoying ripping if I’m wrong.  That Citron is darned addictive btw.
6.  Sewing a vintage looking cotton dress and taking pieces from different patterns and trying to get them to work together.  Good times for lazy girls.

Easter egg knitting

I’ve begun what may be the first of many Citron Scarves.  I know it’s rather popular over on the Rav, so I’m a bit slow on the uptake.
I marked the pattern when I first saw it, then became enamoured of Cheryl’s gorgeous shawl.  Yarn was purchased and work commenced.  Okay, more than one colorway of yarn was purchased.  The orchid colorway shown was bought at my local yarn shop so that one is the test project (Malabrigo Lace btw).  I’ve got two more skeins ordered since I’ve decided this is a pretty good gift and may still want one for myself.
The more I knit the scarf, the more it looks like an easter egg to me.  The pretty purple color and the half egg shape combined with the super warm sunny weather makes me think pastel dresses and white patent mary janes.  I know that many of you look outside and see snow, but don’t hate me because I’m sunny and warm.  Kisses!
If you want to knit your own bit of spring, check out the cute chicks I came across.  So cute!  (Sorry pervo googlers.)  Very fiddly, but so freaking adorable.

Blue skies!

Here’s a pretty spectacular blue California sky complete with spring blossoms.  How I do love coming home.
Guess who’s now on VACATION ?  I hope you guessed me – two weeks and you can’t pay me enough to get on a plane.  Not gonna happen. No sirreee.
What may happen is a bit of knitting, sewing and kitchen pottering.  To begin as I mean to go, I’ve picked up some Malabrigo Laceweight and may attempt a Citron.  Laceweight but no lace.  Perfect.  This is the Orchid colorway (34) and has been seriously Photoshopped to try to get even close to the real shade of purple.
I shall now begin my afternoon of repose, so enjoy my sunny day.

And the gold goes to…

My sister chided me for posting a wintery mix picture of downtown Atlanta yesterday.  She said (rightly) that if she wanted to see that she’d look out her own damn window.  Well luckily for me, wintery mixes are as exotic as her vague memories of 70 degrees and sunny (my LA weekend btw).
As I’m still in Atlanta until tonight, I thought I’d spend my morning doing errands I’d have done had I made it to San Francisco yesterday.  That meant finding a nail salon and a CVS.  I found both, but I also found a street nestled amongst the historic buildings catering to gold teeth and flashy shoes.  Shoes I can always get behind, but they were all men’s stores.  The tooth thing was fascinating to me but it was too cold to linger.  The best part of the teeth was a couple blocks away by the nice nail salon I found, were many shops proclaiming “we buy gold”.  Do you think they’ll buy gold teeth?  I hope not…
I could find no obvious signs of spring for my sister, but this photo has got to be good for a giggle. Sidenote: there are more spring blossoms from my last week’s flickr upload if you’re that desperate.

Snow day

Today I was supposed to layover in San Francisco, but as you can see plans have changed and here is downtown Atlanta. Not a tragedy but I was hoping to leave 8 days of dirty laundry at home. Well that laundry’s going to Florida tomorrow. If all goes to plan, my vacation starts the day after tomorrow and two weeks of sleeping at home will see me right.

Until then, enjoy the snow showers!