And the gold goes to…

My sister chided me for posting a wintery mix picture of downtown Atlanta yesterday.  She said (rightly) that if she wanted to see that she’d look out her own damn window.  Well luckily for me, wintery mixes are as exotic as her vague memories of 70 degrees and sunny (my LA weekend btw).
As I’m still in Atlanta until tonight, I thought I’d spend my morning doing errands I’d have done had I made it to San Francisco yesterday.  That meant finding a nail salon and a CVS.  I found both, but I also found a street nestled amongst the historic buildings catering to gold teeth and flashy shoes.  Shoes I can always get behind, but they were all men’s stores.  The tooth thing was fascinating to me but it was too cold to linger.  The best part of the teeth was a couple blocks away by the nice nail salon I found, were many shops proclaiming “we buy gold”.  Do you think they’ll buy gold teeth?  I hope not…
I could find no obvious signs of spring for my sister, but this photo has got to be good for a giggle. Sidenote: there are more spring blossoms from my last week’s flickr upload if you’re that desperate.

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  1. Thanks, that is much better…blue sky will do me!

    Today, sadly, I had to remove my french manicure. But I did buy my first eyeliner yesterday! I’m trying to continue the spiffing up over here….

  2. What is Claudia up to? First the sexy shoes and now eyeliner? o.0

    I guess if the gold teeth don’t work out, you can always sell them. 😕

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