Easter egg knitting

I’ve begun what may be the first of many Citron Scarves.  I know it’s rather popular over on the Rav, so I’m a bit slow on the uptake.
I marked the pattern when I first saw it, then became enamoured of Cheryl’s gorgeous shawl.  Yarn was purchased and work commenced.  Okay, more than one colorway of yarn was purchased.  The orchid colorway shown was bought at my local yarn shop so that one is the test project (Malabrigo Lace btw).  I’ve got two more skeins ordered since I’ve decided this is a pretty good gift and may still want one for myself.
The more I knit the scarf, the more it looks like an easter egg to me.  The pretty purple color and the half egg shape combined with the super warm sunny weather makes me think pastel dresses and white patent mary janes.  I know that many of you look outside and see snow, but don’t hate me because I’m sunny and warm.  Kisses!
If you want to knit your own bit of spring, check out the cute chicks I came across.  So cute!  (Sorry pervo googlers.)  Very fiddly, but so freaking adorable.

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  1. I, too, have had my eye on Citron since it came out and you may have pushed me over the edge. And I *do* hate you for being warm and sunny. :pout: 😀

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