Things I love

1.  The daffodils at Trader Joe’s are $1.29 a bunch.  Cheap thrills baby.
3.  This super easy yellow cake recipe found via Angry Chicken frosted with chocolate buttercream. Yum.
4.  The California DMV where I renewed my driver’s license in 12 minutes. Right?! Can’t complain about that.
5.  Apple green Malabrigo Lace destined for another Citron.  My orchid one is almost done, though I’m gonna gamble that I’ve got enough yarn left for one more section and the ending ruffle.  It’s alot of annoying ripping if I’m wrong.  That Citron is darned addictive btw.
6.  Sewing a vintage looking cotton dress and taking pieces from different patterns and trying to get them to work together.  Good times for lazy girls.

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  1. The daffodils are awesome!

    The wait at the DMV is up to 2 hours here due to changes for the Federal “Real ID” act.

    Yay for another Citron!

    And most of all,


  2. Happy Birthday!

    Honestly, your blog keeps me sane. Thank you for all your beautiful pictures and great knitting project links. I’m amazed at your energy and fearless RIP’ing

    Hope the weather is wonderful for your special day.

  3. Birthday in the middle of vacation! That is how life should be. Hope you have had a wonderfully enjoyable Birthday.

  4. Daffodils? wow! Here, it’s still freezing! We had a lot of snow last week, and now, there’s a huge “mistral”!
    I like your shawls! I saw one finished over here, on one of my knitting friends, it’s a great pattern!

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