What’s a “shawlette”?

Honestly, I don’t have a freaking clue as to what a shawlette is, but it seems to be a scarf.  Why not call it a scarf?  Oh the questions I have for life.
What you see is one skein of Malabrigo Lace in Orchid colorway knit up in the Citron pattern.  All color representations are a bit inaccurate.  The actual color is more pink than blue, but still purple.  Clear as mud.
Should you wish to knit up this pattern, don’t hesitate.  It’s easy.  The last section is an exercise in patience but it’s only 11 rows long, so don’t be a whiny bratty baby please.  My only caveat is to use an Addi Turbo Lace needle or you’ll end up doing yourself some harm.  No joke.  I came to that realization two rows in and dragged my arse to the knit shop pronto.
Technical notes, for those into such things: no mods to the pattern, used the lifted increase for M1 so as to not leave holes in the scarf; my bind off was Suspended Bind Off from Montse Stanley’s Knitter’s Handbook, page 85.  I lightly steamed the scarf with an iron but not too much, I wanted my ruching to stay ruched.
P.s. Thanks for the birthday greetings!  I had a great time and still have time off.  Heaven.

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  1. First — Happy Belated Birthday!
    I just started Citron Saturday using some Classic Elite Silky Alpaca Lace and, boy oh boy, is it ever sticking to the needles. Glad to see your pretty finished Citron — maybe it will give me the strength to power through. (Or to go purchase some addi’s so I don’t make myself crazy!)

  2. So cute!

    I think people call it that because they want to impress folks with having knit something shawl-like and think “shawlette” is cooler than “scarf”.

    Enjoy your remaining time off!


  3. Happy belated birthday, Silvia! You share a birthday with my mom and a favorite niece!

    I think “shawlette” is a pretty dumb name, too, but I think it’s because fancy-pants knitters think “scarves” are just for beginners.

  4. Oooh, frilly! I think of a shawlette as something that looks like a shawl only smaller. To my mind a scarf is usually rectangular and anything not is a shawlette/mini-shawl. Or whatever!

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  6. Nice! I like it worn gathered like that around the front. And you are so funny about telling the knitters not to whine.

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