Mashup Dress

The Bernina has been dusted off and the sewing has begun.  I found some retro looking cotton at Fabrix the other month (like $2.59/yd).  I washed the fabric and it bulked up a bit and was kind of stiff, totally wrong for a blouse.  Well how about a dress then?
I wanted to use patterns I had, and liked McCall’s 5927 C bodice and the A-line skirt from McCall’s 5466.  I read the comments from users of both patterns over on PatternReview and thought the bodice of M5466 was not too nice for most of the sewers.  The examples that looked good were heavily adjusted and modified.  Too much work for a little summer frock.  The bodice of 5927C was retro adorable and my fabric was too stiff for a tailored skirt (plus I much prefer A-line).  The two patterns begged to be mashed up.
I didn’t measure the different bodice and skirt, but walked the pattern, saw it was close and cut 1″ seam allowances from waist blended to hip.  That worked fine and is totally easy to do.  The dress is fully lined from edge to edge – no facings and I added purchased piping in green.  It’s lined in light green  poly because green is springy (and I like it).  The buttons are from the stash, so the only thing I had to buy was a the zipper in harvest gold (or some such) which is the color of 1970s appliances.  I could tweak the fit of the back of the bodice a bit more, but it fit pretty darn well right out of the envelope.
I thought about adding retro piped pockets, but didn’t want to look costumey, just retro influenced.  A fine line, so better without.  All in all, an easy enough warm weather dress.

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  1. Wow that is an amazing dress! Perfect!
    Almost makes me want to face learning to sew.
    However realistically I need to find a good tailor.
    One just can not have enough orange.

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