La manche droit

 The right sleeve is done.  Well, up the armpit anyway.  I am knitting on Villane (rav link), which had taken a back seat to lacy scarves and such.  Villane (non rav link) waited patiently, as she knew she was not a portable project.  She waited for off time to get hers and her patience has been rewarded. One more sleeve and the joining and yoke and buttonbands to go.  Well that sounds like a lot!  I thought I was getting close.
Our California weather has been cooperating with knitting as it’s been alternating between blazing sunshine and rain very 20 minutes or so.  This is so odd that the local news outlets are reporting this as “news”.  That is precisely why I love California.  Anything other than sun is news.  While rainy, it’s not cold so I continue to work my beautiful warm sproingy cormo project.  I’ll pretend I’ll be able to wear this heavy sweater soon (not so much).  That is close enough for my comfort.  Isn’t self delusion fun?