What do I do with it now?

The other day I got to wondering if I could actually make something from one of the Japanese craft books I’d collected.  I’ve only got a few, but I love going to Kinokuniya and browsing.  I pulled Cozy Handbags and Pouches (ISBN 4-8347-2235-X) from the shelf and came across this cute little triangle pouch.  I was intrigued.  This is a very simple shape and thought it would be good one to try.
I looked over the instructions, which of course, are all in Japanese.  But the illustrations and measurements are well done and can be easily understood, even by me.  I speak no Japanese other than “thank you” and “you’re welcome” and certainly could not read these words in kanji characters, so I haven’t a clue as to whether those written directions are wonderful or rather Burda-style pithy.
I gathered from the instructions one cuts a rectangle twice as long as wide to make the pouch.  The measurements given were 30 cm by 15 cm.  I added 1/4″ for seam allowance, not knowing if this was included in the measurements.  I used home dec cotton for the outer layer, interfaced it with some yucky pellon and grabbed a scrap of cotton for the lining.  I shortened a spare zipper to be slightly shorter than the 15 cm width and got sewing.
The pattern (as do those in the whole book) have a batting layer and lots of hand stitches and beads which would be fine, but I just wanted to see if I could make the pouch.  I HATE handsewing, so if I was to make more of these pouches, and there are no plans to do so, I would also find a way around hand sewing the lining to the zipper tape.  That really took most of the very short time needed to make this triangle.
So there it is, a simple pouch with no apparent use, deciphered from my Japanese craft book.  I call that a WIN!

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  1. We hand-stitch things like that all the time. Omiyagi. We use them as wrapping paper, coin purses, lunch bags… Would yours work for a ball of yarn, perhaps?

  2. I’ve got a project bag shaped exactly like that, with a wrist strap added to the top. It’s bigger, I think – it’s just the right size for a sock. I bought it at a LYS in, I believe, Oklahoma City.

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