Cormo Villane is tantalizingly close to completion.  My next step here is the short rows at the neck, button and neckbands.  Finis!  The finishing should even be minimal as I used the spit splice in the body.  I love that!  Kinda gross, but so freaking effective.
Because I can’t possibly be true to just this one sweater so close to the end, I already started a new project.  My next favorite yarn after cormo is Silky Wool from Elsebeth Lavold.  It’s just a great weight for my climate and I adore it’s nubbliness.  After Margene mentioned Peasy in a blog post, I had to have one.  (I am a Margene devotee afterall.) Cute spring sweater, perfect layering for the alternating hot and cold we experience here in California during the course of a day.  I chose this light blue colorway and thought it would look smashing with an A-line denim skirt.  I don’t have an A-line denim skirt, but as you can see under the beginnings of Peasy, I do have the material for such a skirt.
So really, I now have three projects planned and just a few more days off.  I must get cracking.  Hope everyone’s Monday is going well!