Cormo Villane is tantalizingly close to completion.  My next step here is the short rows at the neck, button and neckbands.  Finis!  The finishing should even be minimal as I used the spit splice in the body.  I love that!  Kinda gross, but so freaking effective.
Because I can’t possibly be true to just this one sweater so close to the end, I already started a new project.  My next favorite yarn after cormo is Silky Wool from Elsebeth Lavold.  It’s just a great weight for my climate and I adore it’s nubbliness.  After Margene mentioned Peasy in a blog post, I had to have one.  (I am a Margene devotee afterall.) Cute spring sweater, perfect layering for the alternating hot and cold we experience here in California during the course of a day.  I chose this light blue colorway and thought it would look smashing with an A-line denim skirt.  I don’t have an A-line denim skirt, but as you can see under the beginnings of Peasy, I do have the material for such a skirt.
So really, I now have three projects planned and just a few more days off.  I must get cracking.  Hope everyone’s Monday is going well!

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  1. Your mention of Peasy makes me want to knit faster, knit more (if only I could!). And, thank you for your devotion, too…I am unworthy.
    I’ve been thinking about buying a summer skirt this summer after your sister mentioned it.(After years of not wearing skirts it might be fun to try one). If only I had the will (and desire) to sew.
    Make hay while the vacation lasts! Looking forward to seeing all you accomplish.

  2. I’d like to make the pullover version of Peasy. But probably I’ll do Grapevine first – I have a couple of sweaters’ worth of Silky Wool in my stash.

  3. Very curious how the green sleeves feel on the arms. Looks wonderful.

    Peasy is nice! I think my mom would like it — she has a closet full of conventional cardis but nothing open like that. Hmmm. Do you have your buttons yet? It’s definitely one of those sweaters where buttons are key.

    Classic straight A-line is always a winner. Pockets?

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