Buttons. Who’s got them?

Today I’ve been fiddling with the buttonbands of Villane.  At present, only one buttonband survived the frogging carnage.  Luckily that one remaining buttonband is the one with the buttonholes in it.  I don’t want to do that that math again!  Can you say “fractions” and “calculator”?
Well back to the button chat.  I found two acceptable buttons for Villane at the Joann’s today.  The one on the right is my favorite (it’s suffering from the camera flash) because the marled button reflects so many of the colors in the hand dyed yarn.  The one on the left is fine, not inspired but a good workable button.
Why buy two different buttons if I liked the one on the right best?  Because the shop only had FOUR buttons of the greens!  I made EIGHT buttonholes (plus planning one more BH in the collar).  The brown one that looks like candy (because I’m hungry) had ten available, so I bought the ten of the acceptable but must now find six more greens.  The Marin store purports of have them via the Joann inventory system, but I think we all know that it’s a crapshoot.  Yes, I tried the internet.  It didn’t work in this instance.
SO, fingers crossed I can find six more Belle Buttons, style #BB357, SKU 1831825 in size 7/8″ at any of the Joann’s I happen upon in the bayarea.  I have a good feeling…