But why is it red?

Note to my friends – if you ask me to bring a dessert to your party, you probably don’t need to ask anyone else to bring one.  Just saying.

The party host asked for cupcakes, so cupcakes I’ve got.  I wanted to make red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese icing to show these Californians what I get to eat when I work in the deep, deep south.  I used Paula Deen’s Grandmother Paula’s Red Velvet Cake recipe for the cake and the cream cheese frosting from here.  The only change I made was to use only ONE bottle of red food coloring in the cake.  It’s really red, so two must be crazy!  I must admit, this is one darn tasty red velvet cake.  In fact it’s much nicer than most of the red velvet cakes I’ve had in the south, but I don’t think I ever had room for dessert when I’ve eaten at Ms. Deen’s restaurant.  Too full.

And because dessert is my favorite meal, I also made a triple choco mousse cake, just in case I couldn’t find any food items to suit my palate at the party.  As if!  Flourless chocolate cake is the base and chocolate mousse and white chocolate mousse layered on top.  It’s so rich I need to lie down just looking at the thing!

Party on Garth!

P.s. Does anyone find the font on this new blog template too small for comfort?

Green and cracked

Sometimes days/weeks have “themes”, like I ran into three old friends or my luck is in.  Well last week my theme was “cracked”.  I cracked my car windshield, my watch crystal and a nail.  Now the nail and the watch were no biggie.  Watches are mandatory at work (?!) so I bought this one three years ago at the $10 store in the airport, where I got a discount.  It’s a fab watch and still works cracked so that one is a wash.  My nails crack because they do, so got I it fixed at my mani the other day.  Now for the windshield, wtf?  It just was cracked when I went out to my car, no trauma to be found.  Today I get a nice new windshield, rather than say, BOOTS!  Argh.
But I digress.  If my problems can be solved by $235 and a piece of glass I have no problems.  Onwards!
The green rayon you see in the crap picture above is for that Rachel Comey blouse from Vogue 1170.  I’ve got the pattern cut and marked, so sewing should commence soon.  Maybe when I’m done with my cute blouse I can make this (click at your peril). I love how they’ve rated it flattering for all figures…really?!
Knitting is still ongoing on Peasy.  Just a few more inches and it’s done – I couldn’t in good conscience subject you to more incremental Peasy pics though, so take my word on that one.
Pattern alert!  Has everyone seen Romi’s 7 Small Shawls ebook being released soon?  Small shawls/scarves made with sock yarn.  Love that idea for travel projects (since I don’t need socks right now).  Rosemary‘s designs are always gorgeous so I can’t wait to see what’s coming out of her brain (so to speak).

Blue much?

My knit output is usually in direct proportion to my work schedule.  More work, less knitting.  As you can see above, I’ve been working.  I go back to work tomorrow for seven days of fun, then it’s two weeks off baby!  Can’t wait…
Photo on the left is Peasy laying about.  I’ve been working on her steadily, but this is the body stage where you swear each long round of stockinette is not making the darn thing any longer.  Peasy is a great companion for dvd watching.  Netflix (who I adore a bit too much) has come through with some fab items.  My current dvd is The Street (very well done drama) and Waking the Dead (UK version of a CSI-type thing only so much better).
The middle picture is my current take along travel project.  Yes, it’s another Ishbel.  Well I can’t help it that Ishbel is a great travel companion.  It’s not hard and very cute once it’s done.  This Ishbel is Malabrigo Lace in the Paris Night colorway (color #52).
The picture at right is my ballot for our June Primary Election.  (I didn’t steal it, it’s an absentee ballot…)  I had asked previously about what exactly was on the UK ballots because I couldn’t get it.  I have been very well supplied with information and thanks to all who educated me.  In case there’s any ballot junkies out there, here are the computer cards we use.  I mail them back since I vote absentee, but when I didn’t, I used to love shoving them into the computer counting thingy.  Luckily you don’t need to be mature to vote.

She ain’t right

Yes, I finally got out of bed.  Unfortunately I’m still in my pajamas.  Can’t win ’em all.
Here’s a quick progress shot of Peasy showing the sleeves, two of them notice, on holders; the neck is finished and I shall again begin knitting the body.  My plan is to knit until I like the body length OR until I think I need to stop to finish the sleeves with the remaining amount of yarn.
Please note I did buy enough yarn, yardage-wise for this pattern, but my track record in the yarn race is  not good.  Therefore, I’m hedging my yarn bets in the best Goldman Sachs tradition.
In other news, please tell me what the UK was voting for if not for the leader of their nation?  And why do all the candidates look alike?  No really. I’m not understanding and the NPR news has not broken it down to the pre-k level I need in order for me to understand.  Luckily, I fly back to work tomorrow and will have no time to think about it until Monday.
P.s. Non sequitur award of the year goes to me:  Anyone have an awesome Red Velvet Cake recipe?  I promised this cake to someone and have never made one…

Underarms are easy

Are you looking at this picture and thinking “I’ll bet that’s an art school graduate with that kind of photo talent?”  Really, I could not be bothered to get out of bed to take a progress shot.  Honestly.  Put the camera in the lazy girl mode and it’s magic time!
What you can tell from my crap picture is that I knit a sleeve for Peasy.  Actually I knit two sleeves.  Alas they were both the same sleeve with the net result being one sleeve.  The first sleeve was too loose.  I know that’s the pattern, but my vision differs slightly in that my sleeves will be tighter.  Now they/it are/is.
Does that look 3/4 sleeve-y enough so I can stop knitting and make a second (third really) sleeve? I’m going to hope the answer is a resounding yes.  Note: please know it would have been easier for y’all to tell how long the sleeve is if you could see all of my arm, but clearly I couldn’t be bothered to lean over far enough to make that magic happen.  I am lazy.  And it’s my day off from work.  Those two facts often intersect.
I shall now sew up that undearm seam because it appears to be winking at me…yes, wine has been enjoyed…please see the note about it being my day off.

Skirting it

Yes, I’m posting another photo of my butt on the interwebs.  Confident or clueless?
Anywho, may I present Vogue 7910, view B with a few mods.  I’ve been wanting a denim skirt and just couldn’t find one I liked.  I thought I could certainly make one so when I saw some lightweight “denim” (most likely a cotton/rayon blend) at Fabrix, I bought.  I had Vogue 7910 in the pattern stash already, so it was an easy decision to put the denim with the A-line skirt.
I chose view B, which has arcs at the side seams giving my skirt some nice drape.  The topstitching is done with Gutermann Jeans thread which is VERY thick, which gives my skirt just the look I wanted.  Tip: play with your tension when using the thick jeans thread to achieve lovely seams.
Other mods include shortening the skirt 4 inches and changing the waistband to a waist facing.  Drafting a waist facing pattern once you’ve fitted your skirt is a breeze.  I also fused 3/4″ wide strips of interfacing where the zipper is placed so my fabric is good and stable, no pooching or puckering when adding the zipper.
I’m happy with my new skirt and please be sure I won’t be wearing a denim suit since I don’t own a jeans jacket. Other faux pas may occur, but not the dreaded denim suit!