Skirting it

Yes, I’m posting another photo of my butt on the interwebs.  Confident or clueless?
Anywho, may I present Vogue 7910, view B with a few mods.  I’ve been wanting a denim skirt and just couldn’t find one I liked.  I thought I could certainly make one so when I saw some lightweight “denim” (most likely a cotton/rayon blend) at Fabrix, I bought.  I had Vogue 7910 in the pattern stash already, so it was an easy decision to put the denim with the A-line skirt.
I chose view B, which has arcs at the side seams giving my skirt some nice drape.  The topstitching is done with Gutermann Jeans thread which is VERY thick, which gives my skirt just the look I wanted.  Tip: play with your tension when using the thick jeans thread to achieve lovely seams.
Other mods include shortening the skirt 4 inches and changing the waistband to a waist facing.  Drafting a waist facing pattern once you’ve fitted your skirt is a breeze.  I also fused 3/4″ wide strips of interfacing where the zipper is placed so my fabric is good and stable, no pooching or puckering when adding the zipper.
I’m happy with my new skirt and please be sure I won’t be wearing a denim suit since I don’t own a jeans jacket. Other faux pas may occur, but not the dreaded denim suit!

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  1. I don’t know why this came to mind. It looks like a cheeky skirt. Nice fit. Yeah, no denim suit. Pleeze.

  2. You made it!? Wow, that is one beautifully made and well fitting skirt. I’m impressed. It looks like a skirt you will wear and wear. Love denim.

  3. I don’t understand the stuff about interfacing around the zipper. If only you would come to Chicago to show me.

  4. LOVE it. Especially the arcs at the sides. I’ve bookmarked the pattern – not that I have sewn any clothing for myself in ages, but you always seem to make these things seem doable.

  5. Love the drape with the arc seams. Wouldn’t have thought to try that with a lightweight denim and am most impressed. Perfect waist facing! I remember learning top-stitching in the 70’s from a friend’s big sister who sewed everything — including leisure suits(!).

    My favorite thing to do with heavy top-stitching thread is a narrow zigzag edge for a tulle skirt (not for me but for whatever ballerina-ette lives on the block). It gathers into a smooth, slightly stiff and very tidy edge for the tulle — contrasting color is fun, too.

    I have a jeans jacket. Sorely tempted to sew a denim skirt and wear the outfit the next time I see you…!

  6. ROTFL laughing with that opening line. The skirt looks great! Very versatile and functional. I think you’ll get tons of wear out of it.

  7. Loving the lines on the skirt. Remember if you want to go Denim, you need a shirt, a waistcoat, a jacket plus wearing the skirt over a pair of jeans. And make sure they are all different shades. Classy! You may make People of Wallmart with that look! 😀

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