Underarms are easy

Are you looking at this picture and thinking “I’ll bet that’s an art school graduate with that kind of photo talent?”  Really, I could not be bothered to get out of bed to take a progress shot.  Honestly.  Put the camera in the lazy girl mode and it’s magic time!
What you can tell from my crap picture is that I knit a sleeve for Peasy.  Actually I knit two sleeves.  Alas they were both the same sleeve with the net result being one sleeve.  The first sleeve was too loose.  I know that’s the pattern, but my vision differs slightly in that my sleeves will be tighter.  Now they/it are/is.
Does that look 3/4 sleeve-y enough so I can stop knitting and make a second (third really) sleeve? I’m going to hope the answer is a resounding yes.  Note: please know it would have been easier for y’all to tell how long the sleeve is if you could see all of my arm, but clearly I couldn’t be bothered to lean over far enough to make that magic happen.  I am lazy.  And it’s my day off from work.  Those two facts often intersect.
I shall now sew up that undearm seam because it appears to be winking at me…yes, wine has been enjoyed…please see the note about it being my day off.

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  1. Word to the wise – alcohol (or any controlled/prescription substance) and knitting do not mix. And the sleeve does look long enough for 3/4 length.

  2. Looks to me like that is 3/4 sleevy length especially if you stand up.

    Please tell me, I see how you have your DPs arranged for knitting the sleeve – so is the tip of the one you are knitting off of, below the end of the one just finished, with the other tip of the one you are knitting off of, sitting on top of the next DP in line? Mine sit the opposite. I ask because you have no ladders!

  3. Hmmm, tough call. Especially since I can’t tell exactly where your elbow is. I’m thinking it might be a bit too short though – as in, fine when your arm is extended like this but will probably ride up when you bend it.

  4. I think it looks long enough. If it’s long enough to be past your elbow when you bend your arm all the way, it’s probably fine. And I suspect it will grow after blocking.

    Helpful with all of our different answers, aren’t we?

  5. I agree with Margene. Remember you have those long arms, girl. You don’t want to be disappointed when it’s too late to do anything about it.

    Btw, I love the pink/orange thingy behind you.

  6. No. Cookie is not calling her monkey arms! Sil is a tall girl with long arms. Nothing wrong with that as long as she’s knitting with that in mind.

  7. LOVE the Peasy. Love the color, love the design….can’t comment on the arm length. Or the UK elections, sadly, I am dreadfully out of the loop with the world right now. Quick question….how many skeins of silky wool did you order?

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