She ain’t right

Yes, I finally got out of bed.  Unfortunately I’m still in my pajamas.  Can’t win ’em all.
Here’s a quick progress shot of Peasy showing the sleeves, two of them notice, on holders; the neck is finished and I shall again begin knitting the body.  My plan is to knit until I like the body length OR until I think I need to stop to finish the sleeves with the remaining amount of yarn.
Please note I did buy enough yarn, yardage-wise for this pattern, but my track record in the yarn race is  not good.  Therefore, I’m hedging my yarn bets in the best Goldman Sachs tradition.
In other news, please tell me what the UK was voting for if not for the leader of their nation?  And why do all the candidates look alike?  No really. I’m not understanding and the NPR news has not broken it down to the pre-k level I need in order for me to understand.  Luckily, I fly back to work tomorrow and will have no time to think about it until Monday.
P.s. Non sequitur award of the year goes to me:  Anyone have an awesome Red Velvet Cake recipe?  I promised this cake to someone and have never made one…

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  1. I don’t understand any of the news so just I don’t listen.
    I’d love the Red Velvet Cake. You’re closing in on the sweater finish line! Knit faster and you won’t run out of yarn.

  2. We were voting for a new leader, except no party got the 326 seats needed for a majority government. The Tories got 306, which is pretty close but not quite enough.

    So then you had the sleazy deals between the two losers, which broke off because they still wouldn’t have had 326 seats between them. It was complicated by the deeply unpopular Prime Minister first attempting to hang on to power another 6 months, then resigning.

    We have Dave Cameron as PM now, with the leader of the party that came third as his deputy, which makes NO sense to me.

  3. My American understanding is that voters only decide which party will lead. Then I believe the ministers within that winning party choose which minister will become prime minister…
    Something sort of like that, anyway.

  4. Each UK party has a leader and cabinet already chosen before they go to the polls, so you can just slot in a replacement the day after.

    We haven’t been in a situation like this since the 1970s, everyone’s winging it.

  5. Right. We don’t directly elect our head of state (The Queen) or our Prime Minister. Instead we elect our local representative (an MP or Minister of Parliament). The leader of the party who wins overall gets to become the PM. The leader is chosen by members of the party, not by the general public.
    However … we are now in a coalition government, like Germany, and although one party (the right-wing Conservatives) won more seats (MPs) than anyone else, they didn’t have enough people to form a stable government. This is why they and a left-wing party called the Liberal Democrats have joined forces to form the government.
    And I won’t mention the unelected upper parliament called the House of Lords.
    Clear as mud? Good!

  6. I still think it’s weird that the Tories and the Lib Dems are in bed together, but whatever. I live in California and we have our own weirdness.

    Fingers crossed on the yarn issues, Sil. I’m sure it will work out for the best.


  7. Red Velvet cake is basically a Devil’s Food cake with a ton (or a full bottle) of red food coloring in the batter. If you have a favorite Devils food cake recipe you can make that and substitute about 2 ounces of red food coloring for the liquid. Otherwise, there are some on that look like they would be ok. I am not a chocolate fan, so don’t eat it.

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