Blue much?

My knit output is usually in direct proportion to my work schedule.  More work, less knitting.  As you can see above, I’ve been working.  I go back to work tomorrow for seven days of fun, then it’s two weeks off baby!  Can’t wait…
Photo on the left is Peasy laying about.  I’ve been working on her steadily, but this is the body stage where you swear each long round of stockinette is not making the darn thing any longer.  Peasy is a great companion for dvd watching.  Netflix (who I adore a bit too much) has come through with some fab items.  My current dvd is The Street (very well done drama) and Waking the Dead (UK version of a CSI-type thing only so much better).
The middle picture is my current take along travel project.  Yes, it’s another Ishbel.  Well I can’t help it that Ishbel is a great travel companion.  It’s not hard and very cute once it’s done.  This Ishbel is Malabrigo Lace in the Paris Night colorway (color #52).
The picture at right is my ballot for our June Primary Election.  (I didn’t steal it, it’s an absentee ballot…)  I had asked previously about what exactly was on the UK ballots because I couldn’t get it.  I have been very well supplied with information and thanks to all who educated me.  In case there’s any ballot junkies out there, here are the computer cards we use.  I mail them back since I vote absentee, but when I didn’t, I used to love shoving them into the computer counting thingy.  Luckily you don’t need to be mature to vote.